About Us


MojavePark represents the craftsmanship and fine skills handed down from the elders through the ages. It echoes the power of art, where everyday items reflect intriguing stories that spark meaningful conversation. Where ancient craftsmanship meets timeless beauty.        

The name MojavePark was born out of a visit to the famous Mojave National Preserve in Southern California. Timothy Bennett, the man behind the brand, experienced a spiritual awakening, a connection to the earth and the intricate fabric of life that changed him. The powerful experience inspired him to name the brand MojavePark and embark on a journey of discovery and design around the centrality of nature.

Most pieces in MojavePark’s selection of fine homeware feature striking animal and nature motifs, a manifestation of the Mojave affair and a tribute to the enduring beauty of the natural world.

At MojavePark, we believe that life has much more to offer than just adding more trophies to one’s collection – instead, it’s about adding timeless stories to our existence.