The Incredible India of Tim and Sakari

The Incredible India of Tim and Sakari

For the uninitiated, a visit to India can be a sensory overload. It’s colorful, vibrant, and thriving yet interspersed with many moments of chaos and non-existent traffic rules.

A land of stark contrasts that may leave you in a state of culture shock one moment and have your soul singing the next. For us, India is a journey of discovery.

One of the reasons we keep going back every year.

Of Chai, Stories and Tradition

Our most recent trip to India was in mid-December to mid-January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic made its way into the country. We stayed a good month with much of our time spent sourcing products.

We traveled extensively, exploring the bustling city of Delhi, ancient Varanasi, and historic Jodhpur, among many others. Perhaps one of our most cherished memories – and one we keep adding to – is meeting our suppliers and the artisans behind our products.

It’s never the typical ‘dispense with the hellos and gets straight down to business’ meetings. Rather, it’s listening to their stories over copious cups of steaming chai and sitting down to delicious veg thalis with their families. Tales of the past and their crafts flow freely, giving us glimpses into the tradition and heritage that so make up the India we know.

Taking Life As It Is

India’s many contrasts take plenty of getting used to. A short stroll down a street can reveal glaring poverty while a quick turn can uncover a burgeoning middle and high-income class, complete with folks behind the wheel of luxury vehicles and living in sprawling houses.

It’s not often one sees such sharp disparities in the West. But sift through this contrast and truth starts to emerge: one of
moving through difficulties – with an ‘it is what it is’ bent of mind and a big smile following close behind.

Having been to India too many times to count in the last 20 years, we feel at home walking the crazy streets. Nothing fazes anymore and we look forward to the adventures we know we’ll have. From the majestic palaces and forts of Rajasthan to staying in centuries-old Havelis to visiting Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue organization that’s doing some amazing work, it’s been a hell of a ride!

Keeping the Art of Handmade Alive

At Mojave Park, our collection of Indian homeware reflects the adventures we’ve had. Consisting largely of intricate metalware and rugs, each item is handmade. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize just how exacting the crafting process is. Hours of work, focus and skill all embraced in a labour of love, which is plain to see when you explore our collection.

All our products are created by talented artisans who hold craftsmanship and quality to high standards. The reason we chose handmade is that we believe in keeping traditions alive. Handmade is slowly being lost to time as master craftsmen are left with no heirs to carry the mantle forward. We hope that we can help keep the fire burning.

We hope you enjoy exploring our Indian handmade homeware and the wonderful tales they can add to your own. Life is an intricately woven fabric of stories, after all, and we’d like to be a part of yours.

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